mistwalkers try level up dice


Level Up Dice’s latest raised stone line features 5 sets of luxury RPG dice carved from different stone materials with raised and polished numbers. 5 sets. 5 Mistwalkers. As we drooled over the release photos, we matched each set with one of the Tales From The Mists characters, and the persona pairings were unanimous! Meant to be - like inescapable fate and our sure inevitable demise! Level Up graciously sent a carrier raven through the Mists with dice each Mistwalker could test in person. We can’t wait to roll these during our livestream at D&D Live 2019: The Descent!

Which Mistwalkers are which dice sets?


“I love these dice because they truly remind me of my character, Constantina. They are strong but subtly sparkly, and when the light hits them they really come to life. The sandstone changes tone based on touch, and I love that they will continue to be shaped by my hands and the choices I make during our story. “ - Ashley Warren


“I adore the Raised African Jade dice! They instantly made me think of my character Vasily when I spied them. Vasily is an inventor who bases all of her creations in magic and alchemy -- the soft green tones in these dice instantly remind me of a potion she would create to help her party (or cause them a lot of trouble). The subtlety of the numbering on this line of dice is amazing -- when the light hits the numbers they really shine!” - Kayla Cline


“I’m obsessed with the d10 especially; its marbling looks like LIGHTNING, perfect for my ghostly storm sorceress. Some of the dice have a warm terracotta tone, while others have more of a wet clay tone. Although you can certainly find Level Up Dice online, I definitely recommend visiting a convention booth in person if you can, as every die can have different patterns, colors, inclusions, or other quirks. Part of the fun is curating your own set with its own personality.” - Lysa Chen

“I chose the Raised Hematite because they are quiet and somber, perfect for a melancholy mission like ours. The deep slate has become darker the more I've handled them and the smooth numbers catch the light in the most elegant way. They remind me of headstones, strong and silent. Perfect for me and my Mistwalkers. “ - TK Johnson


“Besides my good looks and many secrets, these dice are the best thing about me.” - Hadeel Al-Massari