the first verse

Our heroes find themselves fleeing Darkon after being accused of a crime they did not commit. With the help of a magical lantern, they pass through the mists into Kartakass, an untamed land in the southern Core where wolves roam freely. Here, they uncover the mystery of stolen youths and a conspiracy that steals the wandering spirit of Vistani. Will they survive this strange and sinister wilderness or will our adventurers run with the hunted once again?


1: Run with the Hunted

After an investigation into murders at a local farm went awry, our heroes find themselves fleeing custody. Their escape will lead them through the mists into the realm of Kartakass, a domain rife with lycanthropes and the mysterious disappearances of beautiful youths by something lurking in the deep, dark catacombs.

January 11, 2019

2: O Harmony, O Harmony

The party finds the remains of a young woman in the woods. Is their strange new friend to blame and can they trust him to lead them safely to Harmonia? Will they be any safer behind the walls of Harmonia?

January 18, 2019

3: In Sheep’s Clothing

Nikolai has led the group to Harmonia, a musical wonderland that seems to worship the Vistani. Will the group find answers to Nissa Kragg's death here, or is there something more sinister at play?

January 25, 2019

4: Bad Moon Rising

Having rescued Nikolai's cousin, Akriel from being stolen away by vicious undead, our heroes discover she has a proposition for them. What mysterious plans does she have for them and how is she connected to the missing youths in Harmonia?


February 1, 2019

5: A Devil Makes Three

On the morning of the search for the missing youths of Harmonia, our party wakes to discover Mercy has disappeared. Has she fallen victim to the undead invading the streets? And who left this strange package and message for our heroes at the Masked Melody?

February 8, 2019

6: Red Right Hand

The party finds Vargis and Mercy, covered in blood and black ichor beneath a dead, drooping Hangman's tree. What happened to them? What are the contents of Mercy's black book? Will our heroes return to Harmonia, or forge their own path through the forest?

February 15, 2019

7: The Wild Hunt

Reunited at last, our heroes are taken into the company of Bertolt Cicadrix's search party. Who murdered the Meistersinger and why was Constantina blamed? Will wolves hunt our heroes across the entirety of Kartakass?

February 22, 2019

8: A Long Way Down

After the tragic loss of several search party members to the Boneless hiding in the river, our heroes enter the forest north of the river in search of the missing youths of Harmonia. Will Juniper and Yarrow's "family" be able to assist them in finding the catacombs, or is this another opportunity for betrayal?

March 1, 2019

9: By Bone, By Blade

In the wake of the werejackal pack's betrayal and running low on time, our heroes prepare to descend into the catacombs beneath Kartakass. Will they arrive in time to rescue Imal and the other stolen youths of Harmonia...or will this be the party's grave?

March 8, 2019

10: Our Little Crimes

In the ancient catacombs of Kartakass, our heroes come face to...face?...with another of Vasily's mysterious abominations. Stranger still, Thaddeus and Sybil have split from the party in search for the Crown of Souls. Why? What use have they for the Crown...and what new horrors lurk in the shadowy caverns, waiting for them to drop their guard?

March 22, 2019

11: The Queen of the Dead

Having discovered the missing Imal, Mercy and Vargis find themselves drawn ever closer into the cavernous halls of The Queen of the Dead. Meanwhile, Vasily and Constantina battle an unseen foe as they inch toward their lost companions and the coveted Crown.

April 5, 2019

12: As The World Falls Down

Our heroes tumble into the mists and find themselves in the newly formed domain of Daglan, preparing to do battle with Radaga, the Queen of the Dead. Secrets will be revealed, alliances tested, and our heroes must face their gravest trial to date. Who will survive and who will finally be claimed by the mists?

April 12, 2019




the second verse

The Mistwalkers have been accepted aboard the Endurance as passengers and crew members in the employ of Captain Garvyn. The Sea of Sorrows will carry them to the frigid shores of Lamordia, where one of our heroes' pasts is waiting to drag her down below the icy depths. More secret alliances and dastardly plots await... Who can our Mistwalkers trust and is it already too late?


D&D Live: In Good Company

Join the Mistwalkers for "In Good Company", a live episode from the 2019 D&D Live Event: The Descent. Our four conspirators wash ashore the Fellfarrow Isles and are graciously accepted into the home of the young Lady Zenobia Krieger, a playful child with sinister plans in store...

May 18, 2019

13: Far From Any Road

Our heroes become more familiar with the crew of The Endurance when they must resupply at the Lutea Bazaar, a floating marketplace. Someone from Mercy's past catches up to her, the Matchbook Menagerie sends a message, and something strange stalks the halls of the ship at night. Are our heroes any closer to the answers they desperately seek, or have we only just begun?

August 9, 2019

14: Bilgewater Baptism

A hungry presence looms beyond Vargis's door when he is most vulnerable, and a deadly storm is rising around The Endurance. Our heroes will have their mettle--and their trust--tested as the crew comes under attack! Why would anyone threaten this ship? What loathsome creature hunts innocents in the lower decks? And just who is Captain Garvyn?

August 16, 2019

15: Wading in Deeper

The Endurance is under attack and our heroes have stepped forward to defend it! But can they unravel the secrets of this Ship of Horror or will they sink below the deadly surface of this mystery, never to rise again?

August 23, 2019





Here we collect the casts’ Q&A discussions, panels, and non canon episodes of Tales from the Mists.


Season 1 Q&A

The cast of Tales From The Mists wrap up Season 1 with a special Q&A episode during the Uncaged Live charity stream. They answer your questions and spill details for what’s to come when the series returns August 2019 for Season 2.

April 13, 2019

Gardens of Fog

Tales from the Mists plays the one-shot adventure Gardens of Fog with DM TK Johnson and Mistwalkers Hadeel al-Massari, Kayla Cline, and Ashley Warren. Gardens of Fog was designed by Take This Org to bring compassion to and combat the stigmas surrounding mental illness.

June 15, 2019